Hail and Dent Services available in Allen Texas

We provide high quality automotive paintless dent repair and auto hail damage removal services in Allen Texas - Fast and Professional! All work Guaranteed

Hail and Dent Services available in Allen Texas


Paintless Dent Repair Allen Texas

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Hail before - Paintless Dent Repair Allen Texas
Hail After - Paintless Dent Repair Allen Texas


What is PDR?

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair or Removal. It’s the fastest, most efficient and cost effective method for removing door dings, creases, hail damage and dents without involving sanding or repainting. PDR is performed 100% by hand, very delicately with special tools that gain access from the back side of the panel. There are no suction cups or dry ice involved. These methods are just a myth and are not true for removing dents properly. The PDR process demands high experience and training to gain the best results. A unique reflection board or light is used to identify the details of the dent while being the main focal point of where the technician is concentrating. The board casts a reflection across, showing curves and contrast through the dent. Once access is gained, precise pressure is applied to the dent causing it to expand and shrink with numerous pushes and taps. These pushes and taps allow the memory of the dented panel to be formed back to pre-accident condition without jeopardizing the vehicles finish.